My workshops are for people who want to be creative and learn the art of Suagarcraft in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. They are fun days of 'me-time' and provide you with a quality lunch and refreshments throughout the day and giving you something complete to take home. Each workshop is from 9.30 am until 4.30pm approx.

Cost:£45 each workshop (includes all equipment)


Create a beautiful spray of wired sugar tulips and buds to adorne any celebration cake

*Saturday 14th January*

Calla Lillies

Create a striking spray of Large Calla Lillies to decorate a celebration cake

*Saturday 18th February*


Create a single large hydrangea head suitable for the top tier of a Wedding Cake

*Saturday 25th March*


Create a beautiful spray of Gardenia flowers, buds and leaves

*Saturday 8th April*

Sugar Butterflies

Make a collection of wired and beaded sugar butterflies

*Saturday 20th May*

Casablanca Lily

Create a stunning Casablanca Lily with buds and leaves to decorate any cake

*Saturday 3rd June*

Wild Roses

Make a display of wild roses, buds and leaves which will adorn your cake

*Saturday 12th August*


Create a beautiful display of wired poppies buds and leaves

*Saturday 16th September*


Make a single large poinsettia flower ready to decorate your Christmas cake

*Saturday 14th October*

Explosion-style Christmas Cake topper

Create two different glittery and sparkly wired cake toppers for you Christmas cakes

*Saturday 11th November*

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Design-a-Cake Workshop Programme 2017